This little book isn’t about me, nor is it about the countless people who have influenced me over the years. Rather, it’s about the One who loves us all—beyond comprehension. I say this in case you were expecting the usual acknowledgments.

Whenever individuals are highlighted, it isn’t long before alliances and divisions form over credentials, affiliation and ministry experiences. I like the way Paul equalized us all when in essence he said “I am the chief of all sinners. This is a saying that both of us should adopt and personalize and accept as being factual about ourselves; it’s not about others” (based on 1 Timothy 1:15)>

There’s no doubt that some will disagree with shat is stated here. But then this isn’t dedicatied to those who are satisfied with their walk. Instead, it’s to those sho have found that the message they have learned is impossible to live out.

As you are reading this, please keep your Bible near and when your interest is piqued read the references to it. My intent is for you to become more at home with the Book of books—and to really know the King of kings.

Notes About Words:

Although it might seem peculiar, I have chosen to substitute some sowds to avoid needless segregation.

I use believers (as in those who have put their faith in Jesus) in place of the word church because this latter one has become divisive and political in so many ways.

Another is the word bride (instead of church) when emphasizing our marriage relationship to Jesus. That is what we are called in Revelation and alluded to throughout the Book.

Lastly is non-Jewish rather than Gentile or Greek or alien or stranger. It gathers us together more kindredly.