Samson's Life Depicts Jesus' Relationships

Most of us have heard the fanciful story of Samson, the judge, who killed a thousand Philistines with a jawbone; how he died by pushing apart two pillars of a temple; and how he was tempted by women. We Christians don’t talk much about his relationships with women. In fact, those who do talk about such things refer to him as a womanizer who was married once, visited a prostitute, and loved another who betrayed him.

However, if we look at him strictly as God describes him to us, all we know are the facts about his birth, his relationships with three women, and his death. And one more thing: He is listed in the Hebrews chapter 11 “Hall of Faith” as being a man who lived by faith!

This study is intended to show how Samson’s story is a set of allegories depicting Jesus’ birth, His relationships with the three groups of mankind, and His death. Enjoy and let the Spirit lead you into all truth as you find that the entire Bible is about only one thing: It’s all about Jesus!

Names and Their Meanings

The meanings of Hebrew names can almost tell the whole story by themselves. They show how the allegory is assembled. Here are three examples: Samson means “the light.” The reference is of course to Jesus who is “the Light of men.” Samson’s father’s name is Manoah which means “peace or rest.” In this case the reference is to our heavenly Father who provided peace between Himself and man. He reconciled us through the death of His Son. Delilah means “one who is heavily burdened.” She depicts the bride of Christ –those He told “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened”

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Samson’s Birth

Samson’s birth shows two aspects of how Jesus was introduced into the world. Physically, Jesus was birthed by Mary in a very supernatural way. She proudly showed Him to those who came seeking. The circumstances of Samson’s birth also provide insight to what might be considered “Jesus’ spiritual birth” which came about through John the Baptist.

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Samson’s Wife

The relationship of Samson and his wife provides insight into the enormity of God’s love as demonstrated by Jesus coming into the world to save all of mankind. The story doesn’t stop at Jesus’ death. It even alludes to the battle He fought with Satan on our behalf; how the free gift of righteousness is obtained; the overcoming of sin and death; and much of the end times as described in Revelation.

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The Prostitute

The next relationship shows Samson visiting a prostitute. It is found in just three short verses, but captures what happened when Jesus came to His own –the people of Israel– and their rejection of Him. It also touches on the Passover and the fulfillment of the law.

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His True Love: Delilah

Samson’s third, and final, relationship is with his true love Delilah. It’s also a rich picture of Christ’s love for His Bride. There are the three temptations by Satan in the desert; a presentation of the gospel; His crucifixion, death and resurrection; and the fulfillment of the law and new priesthood. Amazingly, all of this is shown through a few chapters in the book of Judges written hundreds of years before our Lord and Savior was born!

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