God's Picture Book

This is just a collection of thoughts about how God shows Himself to us through creation –that includes the way He made us and what we do.

At first read, this probably seems esoteric (maybe even silly), but it can be a way of growing closer to Him. Romans chapter one mentions it so it’s quite credible.

I think of it as though God first made a set of building blocks –and I call them God’s Legos. Each one of them contains His attributes.

We Christians have missed a crucial point in His design. We tend to describe Him from what we know about in the world rather than realizing that He put those things here for us to describe Him. For instance we say that He is above our circumstances. The fact is that He made the eagle to tell Israel how He carried them over their problems.

Fear of Flying

That fear within tells about our nature –how we’re created. Think of the Tower of Babel. That’s where men made a tower trying to get close to heaven so they could become like God –making everyone look up to them. God told Moses to not build an altar out of shaped stones and mortar –else when he climbed up on that man-made edifice the people would see his nakedness (his ungodliness). The point is that man is not supposed to take on God’s role. Even the Israelites were told to not make a king over them –God was to remain their leader.

I’m talking in terms of pictures now.

When we travel in an airplane, we go up into heaven –sort of like approaching God. Those Israelites didn’t want to meet Him face-to-face –they sent Moses to do that. The stories about getting close to God tell about being careful when walking on holy ground, about knowing we’re unworthy of entering His presence. Meeting God is naturally a scarey thing (apart from Jesus).

Even so, we do try to take over for Him –to be in control of everything around us –deciding that what we do is good and many of those around us are evil (because they don’t like our ways). That began in the garden when Eve commandeered His role of Judge (as we all have).

Back to why traveling in an airplane can be frightening. We want to be up there –in God’s throne– but we know that we’re not in control, we’re not qualified. Another, the pilot who is qualified, has our lives in his hands. And meanwhile we can’t really influence the flight at all –just experience it.

All those other passengers are bothersome too. They encroach on our privacy and our peace. Our thoughts wander to that person with a nasty cough who’s sick and spreading his germs; or that crying child who’s mother won’t quiet him; or the warning lights and attendant’s announcement to put the seat belts on because of turbulence. And worse, what if this is our last flight –you hear about crashes on the news. It’s all so unsettling.

As soon as the plane stops at the terminal, even though the doors aren’t open yet, we all stand up from our seats –crowding into a tiny spot in full aisle for ten minutes– just so get back to our normal lives on the solid ground.

Only God belongs up there. We belong down here. That’s how he created us.

The Words We Use

Although many languages came into being when God dispersed mankind when we tried to take His place as ruler of all (at the tower of Babel), He made us such that every language contains words and phrases that point us to Him. They too are made from His Legos.

Ever feel like you’re “dying of thirst”? –We are and He’s the living water.

Taken a test and “nailed it”? –That’s Him on the cross –the nail in the coffin. His death is the solution to our eternal life.

Been “saved from certain death”? –Yes, it’s Him again.

Endurance races in the summer are called “hotter-n-hell.” That’s what we get for all our self-efforts.

The huge storms noted in insurance policies (that they don’t cover damage from) are call “acts of God.”

Being “scared to death” tells about our greatest fear. We try to avoid it by improving our diet, taking supplements, putting safety devices in cars, and so on. Yet Paul said it was being absent from the body and present with the Lord.

He chose the Jews to be His special people –carrying His message. The term jeweler comes from them being adept at making jewelry. A way to say someone is special still is to call them a jewel.

Even unbelievers refer to persistent troubles as a thorn in their side.

The list is nearly endless.

Male vs. Female

According to Ephesians 5, there’s a correlation (for our benefit) between a man and his wife to Christ and His church. So the pattern is God is represented by man and mankind is represented by the woman.

So when looking at the various bird species (at least most of them) notice that the male is the special one –the glorious looking one. The female is more drab. That’s Christ (who was glorified by the Father) and us –His bride.

African lions are like that too. He has that outstanding mane and she’s sleek. He seems to usually be relaxing and she’s bringing home the food. But even that hints about God –remember He rested on the seventh day and continues to do so, while mankind is working.

Woman-kind seems to garner the credit for bring life into the world. But when aligning the two realms male (God) and female (us), it’s His seed that brings new life. According to the parable where seed is planted in four types of ground, we (like the woman) are merely His garden. We might give birth (be born-again) or we might just give a nice performance or we might never be saved. Based on the pattern, life is carried in the male.

While on the subject of birth, a woman has about 400 eggs when she is born. Each month after puberty, one is flushed from her. And there’s blood to show that a life didn’t come into being. It also shows us all (mankind is represented by the woman) that we have a limited number of opportunities to accept His gracious offer of life.

I’ll try to make this a bit delicate. It seems that most males are not really monogamous –they want to procreate with almost every woman. Even the vileness of this way tells us that God wants us all to receive His gift of life.


Red is known for being a hot color. It brings out strong emotions. Don’t paint a room red unless you want to have arguments there. It’s that way to describe the passion that God has for us –His Son’s red blood flowed to save us from death. Here it is 2,000 years later and His cross stirs up heated controveries.

Blue is receding. It’s calming. The sky is blue to show us that when Jesus ascended into the sky He brought reconciliation (peace) between God and man.

More to come. . .