Name Meanings in Jonah

The meanings of Hebrew names can almost tell the whole story by themselves. They show how the allegory is assembled. For example: Jonah means “dove” and the Holy Spirit came down upon Jesus like a dove. Also, Noah sent a dove out to determine if it was safe to get out of the ark. Jonah’s father is Amittai. His name means certainty and truth and trustworthy –the very picture of our heavenly Father!

As you read through this story about Jonah, you might want to use this list of meanings to help put the story together.


Means: Dove

Represents: Jesus


Means: Certainty; truth; trustworthy

Represents: God, the Father


Means: Market place

Represents: Judgment


Means: Beautiful

Represents: Jesus’ life in heaven

The Ship

Represents: Living human body

Ship Captain

Represents: Human will


Represents: Human emotions; weaknesses

The Sea

Represents: Physical life with troubles

The Fish

Represents: A body engulfed in sin and death


Represents: OT Saints

King of Nineveh

Represents: Their will

People of Nineveh

Represents: Their emotions; weaknesses

The Vine

Represents: Israel

The Tent

Represents: Jesus, tabernacle (body) on earth