Samson's Love: Jesus' True Love –the Bride

Many of the names are followed by their Hebrew meanings in bracketed text.

Later Samson fell in love with Delilah [one who is oppressed or heavy burdened] from the Valley of Sorek [valley of the true vine]. She was bribed with silver by the rulers of the Philistines [ones who crawl in the dust] to find the source of his strength. – Judges 16:4-5

The Valley of Sorek divided Philistia and Judah. Its name means the true vine –which we know is representative of Jesus. The location of the valley demonstrates that Jesus is equally accessible to the Jews and to the Gentiles.

Jesus demonstrated His love for us who have contrite and burdened hearts when He said: “Come unto me all who are weary and burdened, I shall give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

The Temptations

He was betrayed by one of those closest to him (John 13:26-27). Again, it was Satan –the one who was condemned to crawl in the dust– who was behind the plot (Genesis 3:14).

Three times he was tempted, but by the fourth he had grown weary so he told her his secret. – Judges 16:6-7, Judges 16:10-11, Judges 16:13-14

Three times Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert: with food for His hungry body (Matthew 4:1-4); with security for His spirit (Matthew 4:5-7); and with power and respect for His soul (Matthew 4:8-10).

She Caused His Troubles

It was at His fourth temptation where Jesus handed Himself over to be taken prisoner and killed. No one could take His life from Him; He had to give it willingly (John 10:17).

With his head [authority] shaved [given up], his strength left him so he was blinded, shackled and taken to Gaza [the fierce enemy] to prison. – Judges 16:19

Isaiah prophesied that Jesus would submit Himself to be public shame and punishment for our sins. (Isaiah 53:6-7) He was blind-folded so that He could not see (Luke 22:63-64). He was bound and taken into custody (Mark 15:1).

The Philistines gathered together to worship their god Dagon [a fish] at the temple and asked for Samson to be brought out to entertain them. – Judges 16:23-25

The crowd –under the influence of Satan– was pleased to have Jesus displayed for execution. (Luke 23:20-21)

His hair began to grow back and he asked God for revenge for his eyes. – Judges 16:22

After His death and resurrection –with His power returned– Jesus led those who had been taken captive by death up into heaven. (Ephesians 4:7-10)

He Controlled His Death

He asked to be placed between the two supporting pillars of the temple. – Judges 16:25-26

The supporting pillars that Jesus broke down were the foundations of Jewish legalism: They were the priesthood and the law. He began a new priesthood –serving forever as the High Priest– and He replaced the law. (Hebrews 7:12)

Then Samson demolished the temple with 3,000 Philistines –more than when he was living. – Judges 16:27

Little did they realize that His body was the temple that He was going to destroy by giving up His own life. (John 2:19-21)

Like Samson who took the entire weight of Dagon’s temple upon himself, Jesus was crushed by the enormity of the punishment for all of our transgressions. (Isaiah 53:5)

And with His death, He overcame Satan and sin and death. (1 Corinthians 15:56-57)

Samson’s [the sunlight’s] brothers and family took his body back where his ministry began, between Zorah [painful sting] and Eshtoal [requirements] in the tomb of Manoah [peace and rest], his father. – Judges 16:31

One of the believers –from His new family– took His body to the grave. (Matthew 27:57-60)

Jesus returned to heaven where He started. (Luke 24:50-51)