Being Acceptable to God

Certainly you’re not here to read more about what you already know doesn’t work. (I’m referring to trying to follow the Bible’s laws to be acceptable to God.) So let me offer something fresh that does work –and it resolves all that we learned in church.

God only uses the two original laws –the ones given in the Garden of Eden– as the standard for determining our goodness. They are presented as two trees –both known by their fruit. We’ll see why the other laws were derived from them shortly. In the meantime, here are the highlights of those two.

After putting those trees in the middle of the garden, He identified the most important one first: the tree of life –then the other: the tree of death. Essentially God said “When you try to make yourself equal to Me by becoming the judge of good and evil, you will also find yourself separated from Me.” He warned both Adam and Eve about the second one while they still shared the same flesh and bone. (That separation is the death that’s pictured in Genesis 2:16-17.)

By eating the fruit, Eve revealed that she had already ousted God as the judge. She was going to determine for herself what was good and what was evil. In their new role as judge, they introduced self-righteousness –a superficial covering of goodness. It was in the form of fig leaves. Like our good works, their covering would crumble away –the motives of the heart can only be hidden for a short while. (You might want to read why Adam joined Eve by eating that fruit.)

We are born into that predicament –separated from God– and there’s a single remedy. Jesus was referring to Himself as the fruit that would be hung on the tree of life (the cross). He said “He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day” (from John 6:51-58).

Those two laws –along with the ones that came later– were established to show us that God loves us so much that He provided the Remedy in advance of our condition. And just as He did for that couple, He covers us with true righteousness by wrapping us within His Lamb.

I’m sure you’re asking “Then why are there so many do’s and don’ts in the Bible?” Read on…