Conclusions from Gideon's Life

What conclusions can be drawn from this story?

God gives us –that’s you and me– Midianites to show us the parts of our lives where we are trying to live independently. We indulge in the things that make us feel good for a while –actually entrust ourselves to destructive influences. But God does not leave us there. He loves us so much that He does everything it takes to get us to look to Him for life and godliness.

So I ask you. Who are the Midianites that God has given you so that you will seek Him in all you trust? What worries are stressing you out? What people are angering and frustrating you? What circumstances are you encountering that are oppressing you? Or have you not realized that He is trying to get your focus back on Him?

He is our Redeemer –the Restorer of what we have lost. He only wants us to turn to Him and trust Him for everything. And He gently leads us in a growing faith. He never condemns only reassures. Gideon is the faith in Christ that is constantly increasing until we can live in victory. And it is He who chases down and destroys the attitudes and thoughts that sink us into depression and despair.

May God show you the abundant life that He has for you this very day!